Aquellaball 1.0

Clear the balls to separate the screen

If you're a fan of JezzBall then you'll love playing Aquellaball on your Pocket PC. View full description


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls


  • A little slow


If you're a fan of JezzBall then you'll love playing Aquellaball on your Pocket PC.

For those unaware of the format, Aquellaball is a puzzle game where you need to clear the screen by drawing lines. Your lines can run horizontally or vertically, and once you've made a line it will remove the section between the line and the wall. The factor that complicates things is that there are several balls bouncing around the screen. If a ball touches your line as it's being drawn then you lose a life. You need to clear 75 percent of the board in order to progress to the next level.

Aquellaball is, like most great puzzle games, very simple yet very addictive. The controls are dead easy and involve nothing more than dragging the stylus up and down or left and right in order to make the lines. Perfecting the game is a different story though, especially as the game seems to run a little too slowly, making it hard to judge line-drawing times.

Graphically, Aquellaball is nothing special, but the inclusion of some fun looking aliens on the main screen makes it pleasant enough to look at.

Not the most exciting game over, but Aquellaball makes for a good way to kill some time on the bus.



Aquellaball 1.0

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  • r1ntse

    by r1ntse

    "Free download link doesn't work"

    The game is awesome. i've got a game that's simular to this one. i enjoy it very much but if you want the free download ... More.

    reviewed on November 28, 2010